Thursday, November 22, 2012

An Icky Thanksgiving

Have you ever had to cancel ALL your Thanksgiving plans, trips and family festivities because EVERYONE got sick?  URGG!!  That's us this year.  I woke up to my little guy crawling into bed with me and snuggling close.  And about an hour later woke up to him suddenly coughing.  And as a Mommy you know that cough! The cough that is not like all the other coughs.  The cough that has liquid coming behind it!  I jumped up just in time to snatch him up out of our bed and fly him to the toilet, flung open the lid and splish splash it came!  Eeew is right!  After a few seconds of nonstop vomiting my little guy flushes the toilet and says, "NO!  That's enough!  No more!  I don't want to do that again"!  I about broke into tear and laughter all at the same time!  But unfortunately it didn't stop there.  He kept throwing up until his little body was tired out.  He'd fall asleep for 20-30 mins and then wake up vomiting again.  A short few hours later we were sitting in the pediatricians office.  The verdict:  Stomach Flu!  GREAT! 

There I go calling everyone to cancel everything from Thanksgiving lunch, an afternoon at Disneyland, a trip to Grandma's house and a HIS 3RD BIRTHDAY PARTY! 

We went to the drug store and picked up all our meds, then went to the market to pick up our Thanksgiving meal and snacks, cans of chicken noodle soup, Gatorade, jello, Imodium AD, Pedisure and NyQuil.  :0(  So far Harrison has lost a pound and I have lost 2 pounds. My sister said at least the silver lining in all this is that we would have lost weight instead of gained it!  LOL  Well I guess she's right! 

I found this video on youtube that just cracked me up!  It makes me want to buy a guitar and write a song about being sick!  LOL!!!

Maybe we can do a REDO Thanksgiving next week!

Stephanie Lainez

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