Friday, October 19, 2012

Moving Forward!!!

In this economy we have entered into a vortex that has a downward downing effect to it!  I remember 6 years ago we had good jobs, great insurance, savings, retirement, money for play and money to invest.  We were in a great season!  It was upward and onward for us!  Then 4 years ago I lose my job then 6 or so months later my husband loses his job!  We deplete our savings just to eat and maintain gas in our car, start cashing in our retirement, borrow and ALMOST begging!  We went from shopping at upscale stores to getting on WIC just to eat!  And now a short sale! 

You naturally go from security to FAILURE in an instant!  We tried to strategize, move assets, sold stuff and still none of that seemed to work!  At the end of the day you sit in a corner with your hands on your head and cry!  The part that is so sad is that we're not the only family sitting in this pool of tears!  There are millions of us devastated in this economy!!!  Yet when all is said and done, the house gone, the special things sold and your soul ripped apart what do you do next?
You rent, you collect yourself, and you work harder than ever to REINVENT yourself!  You kick the enemy of your mind in the balls!  You shut out the negative talkers in your life EVEN if that means your family and friends.  You get on your knees and you get yourself ready to jump into the fire head first! 
In the fire you become renewed, restored and revived!  The old is burnt away and new skin is able to grow, spotless and pure!  You have nothing stopping you to start a new and a fresh in a TRUE season called SPRING!  You're able to breath freely with each breath refreshing and complete.  The past soon becomes a vague memory! 

You choose to leave the ash filled clothes in the furnace.  You step out of that still blistering hot furnace and step into that quiet place allowing The Maker to wash off the scent of smoke and soot!  The scent is replaced with a fragrance of new hope and zeal!  Laughter comes and joy flows through your veins!!  The season of LACK is now over!  Your mourning turns to dancing and Psalms 30:11 becomes your life’s anthem! 

So if you're in your drought season and everything you once held dear is now gone get EXCITED because the NEW is literally right around the corner!!  Look up because the rain is coming!  So put on joy because your mourning is OVER!  Your time to move FORWARD is here!!

Now the choice is yours!  Stay stinky in your soot filled clothes causing those around you to carry that ill scent OR tear off those clothes and dance your heart out!  Become better, greater and contagious!  Again the choice is yours!!
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Stephanie Lainez
Author/ Speaker/Mommy-Superhero

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