Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Do more than hear, LISTEN

When I think of this blog title I cringe!  Most of us ladies, I'm sure, have COUNTLESS arguments with our spouses or the people in our world about this topic right here!!  I'm constantly saying, shouting and or yelling, "Why don't you LISTEN to me when I'm talking"!  Yet how many times do "I" do the EXACT same thing? 

This is how I know I'm not listening:
Harrison (my 2 year old)-Mom
Me-(Busy doing something, anything)

It's usually when I hear my name that I think to myself, "WOW, how long was I not paying attention that he had to resort to using my NAME?  It might sound funny but it happens a lot!  And now Harrison will grab my face and say, "MOM, LOOK AT ME"! 

If I do this to my son I wonder how many times I do it to my husband and the other people around me, family and friends.

I have come to a place where stopping what I'm doing to interact when someone is who is talking to me is a must!!  So what, move the pan from the fire and take a moment!  So what if you have to stop the shower wrapped in a towel about to go in!  So what if you have to mute your favorite song while driving to the market to give that little one in the back seat your attention.  So what if you have to pause "The Real Housewives of Orange County" in order to give your spouse your eyes, mind and heart as he's telling you a story about his day! 

Stopping long enough to hear is great BUT stopping long enough to LISTEN is KEY!! 

Do you HEAR or do you STOP long enough to LISTEN?

Stephanie Lainez-Children's Book Author


  1. I am always having to work on this one! Good one!

  2. :o)
    We all have to work on this one!! :o)