Thursday, October 18, 2012

Leaving A Legacy

 When you think of Legacy what instantly comes to mind?

Do you think of the handing down of things such as property, money, jewelry?

A synonym for the word LEGACY is INHERATENCE!

When I think of those two words I think of royalty, a kingship, priesthood handed down to survived sons and daughters. I don't only think of earthly possessions being handed down to the next generation but I think of the character, heart and mindset of a person being gifted to someone. The responsibility of that person being gifted is immense!! Will they choose to carry that LEGACY with care and purpose or will they choose to forfeit it?
What have you been handed down? In my family I have been handed down; FIGHT or a tenacious hope, a strong will, a NOT GONNA QUIT type of spirit, rich family values, a sharp tongue, opinionated mind, hands that can harm and judgment and on the other side I have been handed down; a quieted mind, a soft tone, a love for alcohol, strong hope for a better tomorrow, hope in family and a love that loves no matter what! All that greatness intertwined with dark patches. Which will I choose to carry and which parts will I choose to forfeit? In the end what will I choose to hand down to my family? Will I hand them all my bad habits and negative defaults? Inevitable yes, they will get a degree of that!! YET I will CHOOSE to leave a LEGACY of LOVE and HOPE! I will gift my family with an inheritance of PRAISE, ENCOURAGEMENT, BLESSINGS, MAKING WRONGS RIGHT, FORGIVENESS AND RECONCILIATION! My family WILL BE RICH IN LOVE, PURPOSE AND FAVOR!

So what will you leave as a LAGACY?


Stephanie Lainez


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