Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Roar Like A Lion!

The other day I was really feeling HEAVY HEARTED like the pressures of the world were crashing in on me!  I would shake it off but still I felt like those around me were walking around injured, closed and depressed!  No matter how much I would stay positive or have positive words to share nothing seemed to penetrate that horrible layer of crass and negativity. 

So I decided to leave and take a drive with my little one in tow.  Suddenly the LION began to rear up in me and I began to scream at the top of my lungs while my toddler watched wide eyed and intrigued from the backseat.  I’m sure if the cars to the left and right of me cared enough, they too, would have heard my rants!  I began to yell and slam my hands on the stirring wheel saying things like,

          “Satan you’re a LIAR!  You CAN’T have my home, my family, my spouse, my child, my future, my business, my will, my atmosphere, my surroundings, my thoughts, my outlook, my laughter, my song, my hope, my blessings, my talents, my joy, my love, my dreams, my vision, my focus, my determination, my health, my passion YOU CAN’T HAVE ANY OF IT’!

I suddenly became enraged and if yelling LOUDER was possible, I did it!  I was SO ANGRY that I started to SCREAM saying,

          “And you know what you can’t take my home hostage or my husband either!  You let us go RIGHT NOW!!  In Jesus Name, I CLAIM THE BLOOD OF THE LAMB over anything and all that belongs to me and reclaim it!  You have NO AUTHORITY OVER ANY OF IT!  I want our healthy finances back too!!  I want our INCREASE BACK TOO!  I demand you to release it ALL or else I will DESTROY you and you will wish you never even looked my way”! 
Meanwhile as I’m screaming Harrison is in his car seat shouting, “YEAH”, “THAT’S RIGHT”, “YES”! 

Suddenly a peace came over me as I ended my ROAR and said, “In Jesus Precious Name, AMEN”!  Harrison began to cheer and scream, "AMEN"!  I looked at him through my rear view mirror and suddenly we both started to laugh uncontrollably!! 

When is the last time the enemy of your soul heard your roar?  Is it time to take back what belongs to you?  Is it time to get back what has been stolen from you?  It’s time for you to ROAR!!

Stephanie Lainez
Author/Speaker/Mommy SuperHero

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